Václav Havel

"I feel that the dormant goodwill in people needs to be stirred."



I work to find sustainable solutions to big problems. What's sustainable? A solution that is feasible, effective, and cognizant of the needs and wishes of the people and the environment which will be directly affected.

Whether researching public opinion, writing policy memos, or communicating new policy ideas to a general audience, my priority is fostering a better relationship between elected leaders and their constituents. Faith in good governance is the foundation of democracy, and it must be strengthened; both through more effective policy and more thorough communication. Policy shouldn't feel inaccessible to voters, and voters certainly shouldn't be an afterthought in policy. That's why clear, informed policy writing is key to building a better world.

Currently I am an undergraduate student at Ohio Wesleyan University, in central Ohio. I'm focused on international development and plan to write a thesis on sustainable agriculture policy. Agriculture and land use are fundamental problems the world over. This has proven true everywhere I've lived: in Brazil, in the Czech Republic, in the midwest. I don't believe these issues can be solved without reforming the social contract between governments and people, and writing new policy that takes all peoples' needs into account.